International law

The Master of International Law is designed to suit anyone who works in an international field with or without a legal background.  This program provides a clear understanding of the international laws that shape global systems and how to work within those laws. It is popular with social science graduates seeking an additional qualification. The program is 3 semesters or part-time equivalent.


This 1.5 year program requires that you complete 4 compulsory courses, and then you can choose from a range of elective courses taught at a level suited to both lawyers and non-lawyers. Courses cover topics including business, diplomacy, international policy, advocacy, negotiation and armed conflict.

MIL entry requirements and how to apply 2021 course list

Dual degree option

The Master of International Law may be studied concurrently with a Master of International Relations in 2 years.

MIR/MIL entry requirements and how to apply 2020 program structure and courses


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