Part A Courses
Course code Units Course name Dates
LAWS7012 2 Business Taxation Semester long
LAWS7021* 2 Public Law Semester long
LAWS7023 2 Business and Corporate Law Semester long
Part B courses
Course code Units Course name Dates
LAWS7701 8 Major Dissertation A Semester long
LAWS7707 8 Major Dissertation B Year long
LAWS7825 2 Supervised Research Project Semester long
LAWS7904 4 Dissertation B Year long
LAWS7944 4 Dissertation A Semester long

Research project/dissertation application form 

Please note: under Part B of the program rules students are permitted to enrol in ‘other course within the discipline approved by the executive dean’.  Students may wish to consider courses from the 2018 course list for students who commenced before Semester 2 2018.  Requests to enrol in these, or other courses, should be forwarded to for consideration. 

* Students with a law degree from a common law jurisdiction are exempted from the requirement to complete LAWS7021 and LAWS7025.