Note: The LLB elective course offerings and the rotation of those courses may change from 2016.

Click here for proposed elective course list 2018.

Course Code Course Title
LAWS5121 Family Law
LAWS5126 Medical Law
LAWS5136 Commercial Law
LAWS5144 Introduction to Taxation
LAWS5153 Private International Law
LAWS5154 Public International Law
LAWS5165 Jessup International Law Moot
LAWS5180 Clinical Legal Education
LAWS5183** Research Project A
LAWS5206 Copyright Law
LAWS5215* Civil Procedure
LAWS5216* Law of Evidence
LAWS5217* The Legal Profession
LAWS5230 Advocacy: Principles, Procedures and Practice
LAWS5231 Human Trafficking & Migrant Smuggling Working Group

* Students who wish to satisfy the academic requirements for admission to the legal profession in Queensland must include these courses as part of their #18 of LLB electives.

** Students that have completed #32 of LAWS courses with a GPA of 5.7> and who wish to undertake a research project should contact the School (Email: by 13/1/2017 for Semester 1 or 1/6/2017 for Semester 2.

Course Code Course Title
LAWS5122 Labour Law
LAWS5125 Unjust Enrichment
LAWS5127 Media Law
LAWS5134 Environmental Law
LAWS5135 Law and Indigenous Peoples
LAWS5138 Competition Law
LAWS5139 Insurance Law
LAWS5151 Law and Technology
LAWS5152 Financial Services Regulation
LAWS5168 Comparative Law
LAWS5169 Legal History
LAWS5171 Advanced Crime and Criminology
LAWS5172 Advanced Jurisprudence
LAWS5189 Islamic Law
LAWS5202 Immigration & Refugee Law
LAWS5212 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS5219 International Organisations
LAWS5223 Advanced Tax
Course Code Course Title
LAWS5124 Human Rights Law
LAWS5130 Succession Law
LAWS5131 Planning Law
LAWS5142 Consumer Law
LAWS5156 International Humanitarian & Criminal Law
LAWS5160 Maritime Law
LAWS5162 European Union Law
LAWS5163 International Trade
LAWS5167 Asian Legal Systems
LAWS5207 Patent and Trademark Law
LAWS5220 Personal and Corporate Insolvency
LAWS5221 Advanced Private Law
LAWS5222 Advanced Public Law
LAWS5227 Law of Political Institutions
LAWS5228 Privacy Law
Course Code Course Title
LAWS5182 Special Topic A
LAWS5213 Research Project B
LAWS5214 Research Project C
LAWS5224 Special Topic B
LAWS5225 Special Topic C
LAWS5229 Special Topic D