This information applies only to students commencing in 2017 onwards.

Click here for the compulsory course list for pre-2017 commencement.

Course code Units (#) Course name
LAWS1700 2 Foundations of Law
LAWS1701 2 Law of Contract I: Principles of Contractual Agreement
LAWS2700 2 Criminal Law: Principles, Offences and Defences
LAWS2702 2 Law of Torts I
LAWS2704 2 Trusts and Equity I
LAWS2706 2 Foundations of Property Law
LAWS3700 2 Constitutional Law
LAWS3702 2 Corporate Law
LAWS3703 2 Ethics and the Legal Profession
Course code Units (#) Course name
LAWS1702 2 Law of Contract II: Principles of Contractual Liability
LAWS1703 2 Principles of Public Law
LAWS2701 2 Criminal Law: Process and Procedure
LAWS2703 2 Law of Torts II
LAWS2705 2 Trusts and Equity II
LAWS2707 2 Interests in Property
LAWS3701 2 Administrative Law
LAWS3704 2 Jurisprudence
LAWS3705 2 Public International Law
LAWS4700 2 Law of Evidence