Private Law Experts Debate C21st Justice Challenges

5 Nov 2015

An exceptional gathering of some of the world’s top private lawyers is set to take place at the Stamford Plaza hotel in Brisbane on the 14th-15th December. No less than five international keynote speakers and over 30 sessional panellists from 8 different countries will sit down to debate the challenges which private law and civil litigation face in the 21st Century. This rare event marks the latest in a series of ventures launched by the Australian Centre of Private Law at the University of Queensland. The debate seeks to hammer out an agenda for private lawyers nationally and internationally for the challenging years ahead and brings to bear the skills and expertise of a diverse range of legal and social interests.

Some of the topics considered will include:

  • Contemporary Challenges for Litigation Practice, Ethics and Access to Justice
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – the benefits and risks
  • Complex interactions between Private Law, Regulatory and Insurance Systems
  • New Interests and Technologies – bitcoin, privacy protection and new forms of property
  • Law Reform - the relationship between the common law, statutes, codes and Restatements
  • Challenges in Contract, Commercial and Consumer Law
  • The Management of Trusts and Money in the C21st
  • Private Law and “Fundamental Rights”
  • Damages

Keynote Speakers:

  • Justice James Edelman Federal Court of Australia
  • Professor Andrew Burrows, University of Oxford
  • Professor Hanoch Dagan, University of Tel Aviv
  • Professor Hugh Collins, University of Oxford
  • Professor Ken Oliphant, University of Bristol
  • Professor Henry Smith, Harvard University

Full programme details are available at:

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Registrations close on 4th December.

Registration rates for the full 2 days, 1 day or half-days are available.