New book explores emerging field in constitutional law

22 Mar 2018

Scholars and practitioners of democracy and constitutional law will soon have access to an international reference point thanks to a new handbook co-edited by the Law School’s Professor Graeme Orr.

The Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism brings together contributions from world-leading authors to explore this emerging field.

Law of politics expert Professor Orr collaborated with co-editors from ANU, Canada’s McGill University and University College London. 

“The field embraces a yin and a yang. There is the role popular deliberation plays in shaping constitutions, but also the role constitutions play in encouraging, or inhibiting, good deliberation,” Professor Orr said.

“Only by understanding how these two influences interrelate can we think about designing systems to improve popular political discourse and deliberation, which is a key to legitimating constitutions and democratic government.”

This is Professor Orr’s seventh book. His other titles include:

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