Faafetai tele lava Professor Emerita Jennifer Corrin

30 Aug 2021

Professor Emerita Jennifer Corrin continues distinguished contributions to our region and our School

Jennifer Corrin
Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin  retired, recognised and continuing a distinguished career


After two decades of service to our School and the law and forging many important relationships in our region, Jennifer Corrin officially retired as a full-time professor in December 2020.

Now Professor Emerita

The Vice-Chancellor has conferred on Jennifer the title of Professor Emerita, which is a significant and extremely well-deserved honour.  

Professor Emerita Corrin's distinguished contributions include forging important links with Asia and the Pacific, mentoring many within the School and becoming a destination for higher degree by research candidates. Professor Emerita Corrin was also one of the founding members of the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law (CPICL) and has played a leading role in the Centre.

Tribute from Samoa

Tributes have flowed in, such as this from the Samoan Law Reform Commission.

FAAFETAI TELE! – I hear you are leaving CPICL, and the TC Beirne Law School. Thank you sincerely for all you have done for me, Samoa and the Pacific Islands. My family, friends and I are adamant you are one of the soldiers God put in my path, to counsel and shape me in to meeting my calling for Samoa.

Your supervision and mentoring made me believe in myself, in working hard, and now capitalizing on my God given Samoan island respect and pride to lead efforts to realise our (Samoan) forefather’s recorded aspirations of laws relevant and suitable for Samoa; of a Samoa based on Samoan values, at the same time respecting and taking advantage of the positives introduced. For this I, and those after me in the law reform area of the legal sector, are indebted to you.

- Teleiai Dr. Lalotoa Mulitalo, Executive Director, Samoa Law Reform Commission, Samoa


    Foremost scholar on South Pacific law

    Book cover for Introduction to South Pacific Law fourth editionProfessor Emerita Corrin is a foremost scholar on South Pacific law and has also published in the areas of legal pluralism, comparative law, customary law, human rights, court systems, evidence, civil procedure, family law, land law, constitutional law and contract law.

    She leaves an incredible legacy of nine books, 37 book chapters, 75 journal articles and 41 conference papers.

    A new book, Legal Systems of the Pacific is to be published in September 2021. Professor Emerita Corrin is currently working on the fifth edition of Introduction to South Pacific Law, as well as having articles, book chapters and conference papers in train.

    Continuing contribution

    Head of School, Professor Rick Bigwood, is delighted that Jennifer will be continuing as an Emerita.

    I have worked closely and fondly with Jennifer in co-supervising PhD students, and so was a tad surprised when she decided to retire as a full-time professor despite her obvious energy for continued scholarly activity of a significant nature in her field.

    Teacher-scholars of Jennifer’s calibre and productivity have been highly instrumental in putting the TC Beirne School of Law on the map, and so I was naturally delighted when she accepted Emerita status in the School. Her continued contributions to the legal academy, both domestically and abroad, will continue to enhance the excellent reputation of the School and wider University well into the future.

    Professor Emerita Corrin will be continuing:

    She will continue to collaborate with academics at overseas universities, including the University of the South Pacific, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), and a grant-funded research project with Newcastle University (UK).

    Professor Emerita Corrin will also continue as:

    • a member of the Executive Committee of Australian Law Academics Association
    • a titular member of the International Association of Comparative Lawyers
    • a member of the Board of the Commission of Legal Pluralism.

    In addition, she will be Principal Supervisor for 4 PhD students and Associate for one. In this video, Professor Emerita Corrin has a delightful dialogue with one of her students, Una, to promote higher degree by research studies in our School.

    Can you influence law with a PhD? | (UQ Future Students, YouTube, 10m:59s)


    Keep in touch

    Happily, Professor Emerita Corrin's ongoing contribution includes seminars for UQ Solomon Islands Partnership and the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law so you can continue to connect with her through these. Follow Professor Emerita Corrin on Google Scholar to discover her new publications.