ACICIS Law Professional Practicum - Jakarta

The ACICIS Professional Practicum program runs for six weeks and includes a two-week intensive Indonesian language study and industry-led seminars, followed by a four-week supervised industry placement. 

With Indonesia and Australia sharing extensive maritime boundaries, matters of international law, national sovereignty, security and transnational law-enforcement remain prevalent issues within the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship. Moreover, with increasingly important commercial, trade and tourism links between Australia and Indonesia, understanding the legal system of Australia’s northern neighbour has never been more important. On ACICIS’ Law Professional Practicum students will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of and experience the uniqueness of the Indonesian legal system and to add an international perspective to their degree.

ACICIS is the  Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies.

$3,000 New Columbo Plan scholarships are available for eligible students.

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