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Starting law at UQ can be an overwhelming experience. First years receive a lot of information on a range of new things – from ratio decidendi to eduroam. Our hope with this program, is to make the transition from high school to university as smooth as possible and also to provide older buddies with a platform to work on their mentoring skills.

Buddies are encouraged to meet up for a casual chat every so often and stay in contact by email over any concerns the new student buddy may have with their academic endeavours and university life. Buddies are also invited to various events throughout the year that are held to foster the bond between buddies and relieve the stress of everyday university life.

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For first-year students, a buddy is a friendly face that you can approach, particularly in your first days of university when everything can seem quite daunting.

Your buddy is likely to have the answer to that question you’ve been afraid to ask (or even that question you didn’t know you had). Transitioning to university is different for everyone, but every student shares the common experience of having been new.

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Starting law school can be daunting. Remember? Provide support and guidance to new law students through UQLS' Buddy Program.

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