Reducing isolation and loneliness is incredibly important in promoting wellbeing. Find out about all the social health initiatives run by TCB and UQLS.

UQLS connection and community

UQLS' Social Convener makes sure that a wide array of social opportunities are provided for the TCB Law cohort, to become part of a great community. Make sure you like the UQLS and L Card Facebook pages.
UQLS Equity and Diversity promotes students’ inclusive engagement with UQLS, and with law in general. The Equity Committee is an important vehicle for raising awareness about diversity and wellbeing, and delivering support to all law students.
Keen for a break from study? Want to catch up with friends and meet new ones? Just love free food? Join fellow students from 6pm once a week (exact days confirmed week-by-week) for Snacks and Chats, a relaxed and laid-back event in W209 where you can grab drinks and nibbles and let off some steam.


UQLS Buddy Program

Starting law at UQ can be an overwhelming experience. First years initially receive a lot of information on a range of new things – from ratio decidendi to eduroam. Our hope with this program, is to make the transition from high school to university as smooth as possible and also to provide older buddies with a platform to work on their mentoring skills.

Buddies are encouraged to meet up for a casual chat every so often and stay in contact by email over any concerns the new student buddy may have with their academic endeavours and university life. Buddies are also invited to various events throughout the year that are held to foster the bond between buddies and relieve the stress of everyday university life.

Other law student societies

JATL is a student society that aims to promote student discussions about the intersection between the law and social justice, whilst providing opportunities for professional networking and career development. They run a range of different events throughout the year.
Legal philosophy, a broad and critical perspective on the law, attracts legal minds interested in shaping and directing national legal policy. By encouraging and rewarding the study of legal philosophy, both in law schools and in legal practice, ALPSA seeks to uphold the importance, relevance and power of legal philosophy.
By providing knowledge, skills, experience and connections, the UQILS seeks to create opportunities for its members to engage with international law, and to network with professionals and fellow students.

UQ Ally Program

UQ Ally drives greater inclusion and diversity of sex, genders and sexualities at the UQ and the community it serves.  Find a UQ Ally Network member here.