The Manning St Project is an exciting partnership between the UQ Pro Bono Centre and Caxton Legal Centre. The Manning St Project exists to strengthen the capacity of the community legal sector and other organisations to undertake law reform and public interest research. The Project aims to produce high-quality research material for publication and/or use in law reform and lobbying efforts. The UQ Pro Bono Centre, Caxton Legal Centre and other community legal centres work together to identify specific issues to be researched by the Manning Street Project.


All research projects are supervised by a legal professional such as a UQ legal academic or an experienced lawyer working in a community legal centre; who the supervisor is will depend on the specific research task. Students receive project guidance from their supervisor, but are also strongly encouraged to work autonomously as a small research group.

Published output

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How to seek assistance

Simply email your request for assistance to either the UQ Pro Bono Centre (probono@law.uq.edu.au) or Caxton Legal Centre (caxton@caxton.org.au). Please provide a clear description of the type of the research required and scope of the research and relevant time period for completion. Research projects usually follow the university semester:

  • Semester One: February to June
  • Semester Two: July to November

The Manning St Project can also arrange shorter research projects during the university’s summer semester (December to January) and winter semester (June).

What you need to provide

It is beneficial for the organisation seeking assistance to provide some research supervision. Supervision can be done externally (teleconferences, email) or in person with students at Caxton Legal Centre. It can include question and answer sessions with students, reviewing research drafts and providing constructive feedback. Supervision need not be time-consuming as students are encouraged to work autonomously, but it must be sufficient to help guide them through the research process.

If you are interested in working with the Manning St Project, please contact us.


Jennifer Gibbons
Senior Administration Officer

+61 7 3365 8824

What will be the impact of your involvement?

The Manning St project exists to strengthen the community legal sector's law reform and policy efforts.  You will be directly involved in making this happen!

Through your involvement, you will also develop your legal research and writing skills, as well as gain a deeper awareness of the structural impact of the law.


You will be required to attend a 4-hour shift, once per week from 9am-1pm or 1- 5pm at the Caxton Legal Centre, at 1 Manning Street, South Brisbane. This commitment usually runs for a full academic semester.

Involvement is on a purely pro bono basis.  You will receive no academic credit for their work, however if your work results in publication you will be fully acknowledged.  You will also receive a Pro Bono Award upon completion of a research project.

What will my role entail?

Students usually work in small research teams of between two and four students on a particular topic.  Research is usually conducted on-site at Caxton, however occasionally students are required to undertake action research in an outreach location, such as court-house, drop-in centre.

Depending on the size of the research project, you may be allocated a particular role - either a 'researcher' or an 'editor'. The role of a researcher is to conduct documentary research and interviews, while an editor's job is to write up and policy the researchers' written work.  Each role is equally important in producing a high quality, professional document.

All research projects will be supervised by a legal professional such as UQ legal academic or an experienced lawyer working in a community legal centre; who the supervisor is will depend on the specific research task.  You will receive project guidance from your supervisor but are also strongly encouraged to work autonomously as a small research group.

You are encouraged to use their personal laptop computers when participating in the Manning St Project, however this is not mandatory.  Caxton can provide computer access if you do not own or have access to a laptop computer.

How to apply 

Start by signing up to the Pro bono roster.  Joining the roster ensures you will be notified of opportunities as they arise.

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