Organised crime, trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants: joint LLB elective courses with the University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Zurich, Switzerland

In semesters 1 and 2 each year, the UQ School of Law offers a course on organised crime, trafficking in persons, and smuggling of migrants in which students undertake research-based learning and collaborate with students in their field of studies from two leading universities in Austria and Switzerland.

Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Working Group (LAWS5231) is designed to foster international learning and research and to equip students with advanced research, communication, presentation, writing and teamwork skills. The 16 students undertaking this course, eight from each partner university, gain a general understanding of the pattern of and policies and laws relating to organised crime, trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling, liaise with key stakeholders in the field, and have an opportunity to present their research findings to an academic audience, in public forums, and publish their written material. 

In semester 1 (usually late February), the course is offered in conjunction with the University of Zurich; in semester 2 (usually late September), the course is offered in conjunction with the University of Vienna. Enrolment in this course is by application only. Applications open in August (for semester 1) and April (for semester 2). For further information, please visit the websites for the UQ Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling working groups, and see the course profiles for previous semesters online.


In 2018-19 the thematic focus of this course is on trafficking in fauna and flora: the illegal trade in wildlife, animal parts, and plants. 

The course is designed for students to conduct independent, guided research in an international context. In addition, students obtain additional training on advanced research, communication, presentation, writing and teamwork skills, specifically in this field of study. 

Note that several teaching dates will take place in Brisbane between October and January 2018.

In February 2019, all students will come together in Vienna, Austria, to present their initial research findings, to discuss their projects, and meet with stakeholders and invited guest speakers. UQ will support participating students with travel stipends. 

Additional teaching dates will follow in March and April in Brisbane. Attendance at all teaching dates is mandatory.

Students interested in undertaking this course should contact Professor Dr Andreas Schloenhardt, by email to obtain the full course outline and information about how to apply for this course. 

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a first meeting on 17 September at 1:00pm.

Applications have now closed.