Law, Technology and Global Business deals with Australian and international approaches to regulating commerce in cyberspace and the Internet, and with electronic contracts issues. This course addresses legal issues relating to online contracting, jurisdiction in cyberspace and the introduction and adoption of various forms of electronic commerce. Whether it is undertaking a commercial transaction on the World Wide Web, sending electronic communications to enter into commercial arrangements, downloading material subject to copyright or privacy concerns about our digital personas, legal considerations apply. Parties must consider the risks of electronic commerce, whether electronic writing and signatures are equivalent to paper writing or wet ink signature; which jurisdiction and which law governs a dispute between parties in different countries where the servers may be in various locations.

Topics covered include:

  • contracting electronically
  • jurisdiction in cyberspace
  • social media law
  • domain name usage and disputes.
  • intellectual property aspects - P2P file sharing
  • cybercrime

Dr Alan Davidson

Alan Davidson Dr Alan Davidson is a Fellow of the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice and of the UNCITRAL Coordination Committee Australia. Dr Davidson's PhD is in the field of international banking law, specifically Letters of Credit Transactions. His publications have appeared in the Australian Law Journal, the Journal of International Banking and Financial Law, the Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education, the International Trade Law Annual and the International Commercial Law Journal. Dr Davidson has been a delegate at the Electronic Commerce Working Group of UNCITRAL in New York and Vienna since 2011, and has been appointed as a member of that Expert Panel of that Working Group. He was the Australian delegate in Paris for the final vote on the UCP600. He is in demand as an international speaker for the Institute including in Beijing, Hong Kong, Washington, New York, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai, Seoul and Shanghai.

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This course may also be taken as a CPD course or a non-award course. 

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