Tips for your first week at university

As you prepare to begin your first semester of university next week, UQ Law Society first-year representative Thomas Choo has put together some advice and tips for getting the most out of university from week one. 

How to make the most of O-Week

Attend as many events as possible, especially those specific to your degree. If you have work or can't keep the whole week free, at least try to come to the compulsory law sessions - LLB Welcome (Monday)and  Court Visit (Tuesday), and we highly recommend Market Day (Wednesday). You'll get to meet some of your peers and get answers to your questions. 

Settling in

Remember that everyone around you is also settling in to Uni. Ask lots of questions and don't feel intimidated by your peers no matter how scary they may seem! Also, your grades are awarded based on the assessment items you submit. While what you submit needs to be your own work, it's a good idea to find a time to study with your friends.

Joining clubs and societies

The best way to deal with the transition to university is to get involved! Clubs and societies are a great way to get to know not only your peers, but older students who love seeing enthusiastic first year students. You’ll quickly learn that societies and clubs make your university experience, so pick a few of your favourite law and non-law societies and sign up on Market Day.

Even if you miss Market Day or don't sign up to something then, you can later! Talk to your friends or buddies about what societies they are in and consider joining with them. Perhaps get a group of friends and join together. Societies are usually very enthusiastic about new members and many have programs especially for first years. Law alone has several societies to cater to whatever your interests are.

Market Day

Make sure you bring plenty of cash with you because the line for the atms gets long quickly. Membership to student societies is generally around $5 or $10 each. In particular look for societies that relate to your degree - the UQ Law Society especially, but also for your dual degree and majors.

If in doubt about joining a society, sign up! Becoming a member often means you get emails and can learn more about the society, about your degree and the broader opportunities available for you. Most stands will have super enthusiastic students eager to recruit you so make sure you talk to them - you could make a new friend or discover a new hobby.

Market Day also has great activities and food so make sure you have a walk around all of the stalls and grab a snow cone and some freebies.

Law societies

Look out for UQ Law Society (UQLS), Justice and the Law Society (JATL), Australian Legal Philosophy Students’ Association (ALPSA) and UQ International Law Society (UQILS) events particularly, because they run things especially for you in the first few weeks of semester.

Join the First Year UQLS Facebook group at  or contact your first year rep at Sign up for the UQLS buddy program to be paired with a senior mentor at any time.

Find out more information about law student societies.

Written by UQ Law Society first-year representative Thomas Choo.

Last updated:
7 September 2021