The ODPP WEPP offers students the opportunity to gain direct experience in criminal law. Students interested in applying for the WEPP must have a genuine interest in criminal law. They must be team players who can work under pressure, manage time effectively, and be skilled communicators with excellent interpersonal skills. The ODPP has the ability to host students in a number of locations including Brisbane, Beenleigh, Cairns, Ipswich, Maroochydore, Rockhampton, Southport, Toowoomba and Townsville.

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The program offers students the opportunity to:

  • Experience the professional environment of one of the largest criminal law practices in Australia.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ODPP and its role and functions within the criminal justice system.
  • Work alongside and learn from some of the most senior and experienced criminal lawyers and barristers in Queensland.
  • Gain an insight into ‘real’ criminal cases before the courts.
  • Be involved in a range of activities – from opening and closing files, preparation for mentions and callovers, to accompanying Crown Prosecutors to court.
  • Gain skills through professional development opportunities, assess their own performance and gain an insight into their 'professional self'.

WEPP format:

  • The ODPP is a four week, full-time placement.
  • Students will be allocated to a chamber (in a work unit in either Brisbane or a regional location) for the duration of their placement.
  • Students are provided with a WEPP workbook to guide and support the placement. The workbook identifies key learning objectives to be achieved throughout the placement.
  • Students are expected to be proactive and embrace the opportunities provided to them and identify their own learning outcomes.


14 April - 8 May 2020 


Please be advised that due to the ongoing and increased restrictions associated with the pandemic COVID-19, the ODPP Winter WEPP for 2020 has been cancelled. In relation to Spring and Summer placements, they will be entirely dependent upon the extent of restrictions that may apply later in the year.


4-week placement within the date range of 23 November 2020 - 18 December 2020.

To apply, download the application form and submit it along with a copy of your current CV (maximum two pages) and academic transcript (in one PDF document) to Jo Williams, Employability Specialist (Law) via

Download the application form (DOCX, 174.4 KB)


Travis Irons

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

Travis Irons "I applied for this internship primarily because of my keen interest in criminal law. I enjoy the study of criminal law, and I am also very passionate about making a positive change in the community by helping in the fight against crime. The ODPP internship was a great opportunity to put my studies to practical effect.

During my internship I worked as a Legal Support Officer with the primary role of assisting the Legal Officers and Crown Prosecutors. This consists mostly of appearing as a clerk in court and organising evidence and case files. The role also encompasses tasks such as legal research, liaising with police officers, issuing subpoenas, drafting indictments, and assisting the Crown Prosecutor with trial preparation. I found that my studies had somewhat prepared me for these tasks, but I still had much to learn by way of practicality.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that I was able to engage in all stages of a trial from start to finish, whilst being able to work alongside the Crown Prosecutor. This really helped me to develop an understanding of trial from a Crown Prosecutor’s perspective.

This internship taught me that there is a big difference between law in theory and law in practice. Studying law at university and then learning how to actually put that knowledge to practical effect in a courtroom was very satisfying.

This experience has given me a great boost in my future career plans. Should I choose to practise criminal law, I really have got my foot in the door and have already made so many professional contacts."