Current Legal Issues Seminars 2016

The 2016 seminars discussed construction of contracts, the role of primary liabilities in private law, international migration law, and discretionary exclusion of evidence.

Among many other distinguished guests, speakers included the Hon Justice Bond, Professor Ben McFarlane, Professor Jane McAdam and Professor Jeremy Gans.

Extrinsic Evidence in the Construction of Contracts: a Plea for Pragmatism

Date 26 May 2016
Speaker The Hon Justice Bond, Supreme Court of Queensland
Commentator Prof John Carter, Consultant, Herbert Smith Freehills
Chair Liam Kelly QC

The Structure of Private Law and the Role of Primary Liabilities

Date 13 July 2016
Speaker Professor Ben McFarlane, University College London
Commentator The Hon Justice Edelman, Federal Court of Australia
Chair David O’Brien, Partner, Minter Ellison
Abstract Rules of contract, tort, and property are rightly seen as forming the core of private law. Such rules can be seen as recognising the primary duties that we may come under to each other. The function and justification of those rules may however depend on less prominent doctrines, often equitable in origin, that instead impose primary liabilities. The aim of the lecture is to consider the nature and role of such liabilities, by focussing on the place of unjust enrichment and estoppel in the structure of private law.
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International Migration Law and Forced Migration

Date 25 August 2016
Speaker Professor Jane McAdam, University of New South Wales
Commentator Professor Penny Mathew, Dean of Law, Griffith University
Chair His Honour Judge Michael Jarrett, Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Issues of Discretionary Exclusion of Evidence

Date 13 October 2016
Speaker Professor Jeremy Gans, University of Melbourne
Commentator Saul Holt QC, Barrister-at-law
Chair The Hon C E Holmes Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Queensland