Whether it is because you combine work with study and other commitments, are passionate about the law and spend long hours studying, put excessive pressure on yourself to excel, or sign up to too many moot teams, committees and volunteer groups, law students can sometimes be at risk of chronic stress or burnout

If you are feeling exhausted, ineffective, isolated, or overwhelmed please reach out. Help is available on and off campus to support you through your law degree.

Re-frame and re-plan

You can take charge of how you think about how well your preparation is going. If you are running out of time or not getting as much done as you planned or are just feeling tired, panicking is not going to help. The trick is to re-frame and re-plan.

I actually like learning this stuff - it’s interesting beyond the exam.

I’ve been in this situation before and still managed to achieve good results. I know more than I did before.

Next semester you can prepare better, plan better, study fewer subjects or work less if I need to.

I can adapt and amend my plan to still get key tasks done.

Let's keep this in perspective - it's just one exam in the degree.

SWOTVAC and exams are only temporary – this is only for another few days.