Physical health and wellbeing

You'll need more than late nights in the Forgan Smith building to stay on top of your game. Regular exercise, eating well and allowing yourself to relax are all important factors to make sure you are fresh and energised for learning.

Whether you want to be active, social or just find a new mental outlet that has nothing to do with the law, UQ has plenty to offer. We have scoured the campus to bring you a number of activities below.


UQ Sport

If you're looking to get active with the broader UQ student cohort, there are plenty of options available through UQ Sport.

Their free pick up and play sessions throughout the semester are great if you're keen to be social and exercise at the same time. Check out the Wednesday sports schedule; there's something new each week. And you can feel great going into each new week with outdoor yoga every Monday morning from 7.45–8.30am. 

You can also hit the Fitness Centre, Aquatic Centre, Tennis Centre and Athletics Centre if you want to join one of the many available group fitness classes

UQ social sport participants playing basketball

UQLS sport

The UQLS Sport organises several social teams to play in the many UQ Sport competitions. These teams include netball, soccer, touch football, indoor soccer, basketball and dodgeball. The UQLS takes expressions of interest at the start of every semester, so make sure you like the UQLS SportSpace Facebook page to stay up to date.

Other clubs

Did you know there are over 35 sporting clubs on campus? Get to know the rest of your UQ peers with clubs like:    

Discover all of UQ's sporting clubs.

UQ Health clinics and consultations

The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences hosts a number of clinics from physiotherapy to psychology, as well as free nutrition and dietetics consultations for St Lucia.

Discover what's available on the UQ Health Clinics webpage, or book in now for a free nutrition consult.

Eating well

Is it your first time out of home? Are you expected to cook dinner for the family now that you're an adult? Do you just want to learn to cook more than 'meat and three veg'?

Let's face it, you'll have to cook for yourself for the rest of your life, so you might as well get good at it!

Foodie student societies

Get to know your food with some like-minded foodies through clubs like:

Discover all societies

Recipes for students

Looking for some fresh ideas to bulk out your recipe book? Here are some resources to get you started:

students cooking a meal together

Workshops and classes

How do you keep your mental health in top shape? You work it out with some of the awesome classes offered on StudentHub. The calendar is crowded and there's a lot to sort through, so here are some of our favourites to keep an eye out for.

  • UQ Mindfulness
    Wellbeing is a skill that can be learned, and these UQ Mindfulness workshops will help you shape healthy mental habits, and keep them! Classes like Stress Management can help you develop a repertoire of skills to maintain your ability to cope with your daily challenges. 
  • Art for Wellbeing
    Use colours and imagery combined with a mindfulness activity that will help you explore what peace of mind will look and feel like for you. Most important of all, no artistic skill is required.

calendar iconWellness events

UQ Wellness organises heaps of great classes on topics including yoga, nutrition, personal organisation and mental resilience.

Why exercise?

Better mental health. It's a great way to blow off steam and can help relieve anxiety.

Regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper sleep.

It can boost your mood. Chasing the runner's high might not seem like some people's idea of happiness, but playing social sport with friends is a blast.