Recent publications 

Recent publications by Marine and Shipping Law Unit members.


Forrest, Craig (2019). Maritime legacies and the law: effective legal governance of WWI wrecks. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Press

Gaskell, Nicholas and Forrest, Craig (2019). The Law of Wreck. London, United Kingdom: Informa Law. 

S Derrington and J Turner, The law and practice of admiralty matters (2nd ed. Oxford University Press, 2016)

V Cogliati-Bantz, Means of Transportation and Nationality: Transportation Registered by International Organizations (Routledge 2015)

D Cremean, Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia) (4th ed, Federation Press, 2015)

M White, Australian Submarines: A History (2nd ed, ATOM 2015)

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Journal articles and book chapters

Forrest, C. (2020) Towards the recognition of legacy wrecks as memorials and maritime war graves. In (Eds.), The legal regime of underwater cultural heritage and marine scientific research (pp. 119-127). Ankara Turkey: Ankara University.

Forrest, C.* and Corrin, J.* (2020) Oceania. In (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of international cultural heritage law (pp. 860-877). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

Forrest, C. (2020) South Africa. International Commercial and Maritime Law Yearbook, 2020: 345-349.

Gaskell, Nicholas (2020). The Empress of Ireland and Mont Blanc collisions: then and now. The world of maritime and commercial law: essays in honour of Francis Rose. Edited by Charles Mitchell and Stephen Watterson. Oxford: Hart Publishing.1-24.

Forrest, Craig (2019). South Africa. International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook 2019 151-157.

Forrest, Craig (2017). Eastern seaboard. The law of the sea: the African Union and its member states. Edited by P.H.G. Vrancken and M. Tsamenyi. Claremont, South Africa: Juta.63-110.

C Forrest ‘South African Maritime Law (2017) International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook 181-188

N. Gaskell, Review of Kate Lewins, International Carriage of Passengers by Sea (2017) Journal of Business Law, 261-267.

H Zhong and M White “South China Sea; Its Importance for Shipping, Trade, Energy and Fisheries”, (2017) 2 Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy 9-24.

C Forrest, 'The Law and Practice of Piracy at Sea: European and International Perspectives, Edited by Panos Koutrakos and Achilles Skordas' (2016) 30 Ocean Yearbook 594-598

C Forrest, ‘South African Maritime Law (2016) International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook 200-2010

C Forrest, 'State Cooperation in Combating Transboundary Marine Pollution in South East Asia' (2016) 30 Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal 78-89

N. Gaskell, Review of Henrik Ringbom (ed), Jurisdiction over Ships: Post-UNCLOS Developments in the Law of the Sea (2016) 22 Journal of International Maritime Law 151-154.

N Gaskell, “Limitation of Liability and Division of Loss in Operation” in S. Gault, General Editor, Marsden and Gault on Collisions at Sea (14th ed. 2016, Sweet and Maxwell) 973-1020.

N Gaskell and C Forrest, “The Wreck Removal Convention 2007” [2016] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 49-117

V Cogliati-Bantz, ‘The South China Sea Arbitration (The Republic of the Philippines v. The People’s Republic of China) (2016) 31(4) The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 759-774

C Forrest, 'South Africa' (2015) International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook 183-194

N Gaskell, 'Developments in Australian Maritime Law 2013-2014' (2015) 46 (3) Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce 311-351

V Cogliati Bantz, ‘Archipelagic States and the new Law of the Sea’. in L. Del Castillo (Ed.) Law of the Sea, from Grotius to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: Liber Amicorum Judge Hugo Caminos (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2015).

V Cogliati-Bantz, 'Archipelagic States and the New Law of the Sea' in Lilian del Castill (ed), Law of the Sea, from Grotius to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Liber Amicorum Judge Hugo Caminos (Brill, Leiden 2015) 299- 317

V Cogliati-Bantz, ‘L’immatriculation des navires par les organisations internationales : une question négligée’ (2015) Annuaire du droit de la mer, 20, 233-286

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Conference papers and seminars

Forrest, C. (2020). Human remains on sunken warships. In HMAS Perth - Historic Shipwreck Management. HMAS Perth - Historic Shipwreck Management, Sydney/Indonesia. 16 - 26 November 2020

Forrest, Craig (2019). The future of shipwrecks and underwater cultural heritage in Australia and New Zealand. 46th National Conference of the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, 11-13 September 2019.

Forrest, Craig (2019). MV Solomon Trader. UQSIP MASLU Twilight Panel Session, University of Queensland, 27 June 2019.

Forrest, Craig (2018). Towards the Recognition of Legacy Wrecks as Memorials and Maritime War Graves. The Legal Regime of Underwater Cultural Heritage and Marine Scientific Research, Bodrum, Turkey, 4-5 October 2018

C Forrest, ‘The law of Wreck’ Chinese University of Hong Kong Law School Seminar Series, Hong Kong,21 April 2017

N Gaskell, “Liability and Compensation Regimes: Pollution of the High Seas”, in High Seas Governance: Gaps and Challenges, Centre for International law, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 24 to 25 April 2017.

C Forrest, ‘IMO Shipping Conventions’ in The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Conventions, Maritime and Shipping Branch, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, 3-5 May 2017, Canberra.

N Gaskell, ‘International Liability and Compensation Conventions’ in The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Conventions, Maritime and Shipping Branch, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, 3-5 May 2017, Canberra.

N Gaskell, “Energy Cargoes: liability and the environment”, in Global Shipping Law Forum 2017, Shipping and Energy: The Role of the Law, Queen Mary University of London, London 12-13 July 2017.

N Gaskell, “Australian maritime law and international perspectives”, Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton, 2 August 2017.

C Forrest, ‘The legal content of the 2001 UNESCO Convention’, in ASEAN-UNESCO Conference on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, Makassar, Indonesia 19-20 September 2017

N Gaskell, “Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (LLMC Convention)”, in AMSA’s 2nd Annual Salvage & Wreck Workshop 2017, Sydney 28-29 November 2017

C Forrest, 'State Cooperation in Combating Transboundary Marine Pollution in South East Asia', Maritime Law in the Asia-Pacific Region, Wellington New Zealand 25 February 2016

N Gaskell,  “Overview of Electronic Bill of Lading – Advantages & Challenges”, in Seminar on ‘Electronisation of Transferable Documents or Instruments Used in International Trade’, UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore, Association of Banks in Singapore, Singapore 10-11 March 2016.

C Forrest, 'Salvage Contracts & the Nairobi Convention' AMSA's Salvage & Wreck Workshop, National Maritime Museum, Sydney, 15 June 2016

N Gaskell, “The South China Sea Award” in “South China Sea Decision: A Snapshot of Issues”, MASLU, MLAANZ and ILA Seminar, 18 August 2016, Clayton Utz, Brisbane.

N Gaskell, “International Liability and Compensation Conventions”, in PACPLAN 2016 Workshop, AMSA and MASLU, 31 August -1 September 2016, Brisbane.

N Gaskell, “The Athens Convention on the Carriage of Passengers by Sea 2002”, Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand 43rd National Conference on “Resources vs the Reef”, Noosa, 19 September 2016.

P Billings, N Gaskell, M White QC, 'Maritime Powers Act and Refugees: Where Next?', Maritime and Shipping Law Unit (MASLU) Twilight Seminar Series, TC Beirne School of Law, UQ (25 February, 2015)

N Gaskell, 'The Electronic Bill of Lading', Sala delle Armi', Faculty of Law, University of Bologna (15 June   2015)

N Gaskell, 'Good Faith in Carriage Contracts - a Comparative Perspective', in the conference on “Rethinking Commercial Law – Recent Developments and Reform Proposals”, Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton University, and Norton Rose Fulbright (London 19 June 2015)

C Forrest, ‘Indemnities and towage contracts’, Global Shipping Forum 2015, Indemnities and Guarantees in Maritime Law, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 7-8  December 2015

N Gaskell, ‘Express and implied indemnities in time charterparties’, Global Shipping Forum 2015, Indemnities and Guarantees in Maritime Law, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 7-8  December 2015

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Forrest, Craig (2018). Wrecks in the Pacific. ABC Radio Australia.

C Forrest ‘Australia’s War Wrecks’ Nightlife with Dominic Knight, ABC National 27 December 2017.

N Gaskell, ‘Pollution fines from Globex’s Regina’ ABC TV interview shown 22 June 2017

C Forrest, 'Maritime War Graves of World War I', Evenings with Tim Cox, 612 ABC (18 Mar, 2015; Breakfast with Ian Newton, Radio Adelaide (9 Mar, 2015); Weekend Wake-up Rod Tiley, 6PR (8 Mar, 2015); Drive with Louise Saunders, ABC Local Radio (9 Mar, 2015) and Nights with Walter Williams, 4BC News Talk (5 Mar, 2015)

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Submission dated September 2020 (5470 words) to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications discussion, Claims for Wreck Removal.  Read the discussion paper: Australia’s accession to the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks 2007. 


Forrest, Craig and Jeffrey, Bill (2018). UNESCO 2018 technical report on underwater cultural heritage - related legislation and programme review in the five countries in Micronesia.



Submission dated 22/12/2017 (5891 words) to Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (Infrastructure) consultation process to inform consideration of Australia's possible ratification of the Athens Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea 1974, as amended by the 2002 Protocol (Athens Convention).


Submission  8/12/2016 (6788 words) on “Unfair Contract Terms and the Maritime Provisions in s.28(1)-(2) of the ACL” to Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand’s (CAANZ) Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Review, based on the Interim Report of 14 October 2016. Submission consisted of an analysis of potential defects in the ACL relevant to the maritime law exceptions in Part 2-3 of the ACL. The Final Report in March 2017 noted that it would be necessary to examine exemptions generally in future (see Chapter 4).

29/8/2016, (with Stuart Hetherington) of MLAANZ, organised meetings in Canberra with DFID and Treasury about possible accession by Australia to key maritime law conventions, including The Athens Convention 2002 and the Wreck Removal Convention 2007.



Submission dated 27/1/2016 (5635 words) to UK Department for Transport Consultation on changes to domestic legislation implementing certain international maritime liability conventions (in particular, revision of the LLMC 1996).

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