About the Marine and Shipping Law Unit

The Marine and Shipping Law Unit (MASLU) brings together scholars within the School of Law who are actively engaged in research and teaching in the following areas of maritime law:

  • marine aspects of constitutional law
  • admiralty jurisdiction
  • international law of the sea
  • marine environment
  • carriage of goods by sea
  • ship sales, financing, registration and securities
  • marine insurance
  • general average
  • limitation of liability
  • choice of law and jurisdiction
  • collisions and groundings
  • salvage
  • towage and wreck
  • pilotage
  • port state control
  • prize, bounty and ransom
  • crimes at sea
  • marine dispute resolution: mediation, arbitration and litigation


MASLU’s mission includes:

  • promoting teaching and research in all aspects of maritime law and the law of the sea
  • providing the legal profession, academia, law students and the marine and shipping industries with specialist expertise relating to developments in, and the application of, maritime law
  • monitoring international developments in maritime law and providing advice and expertise to governments on policy and legislation related to maritime law and the law of the sea publishing and promoting publications in all aspects of maritime law and the law of the sea.

Student involvement

MASLU integrates student learning into its research activities by offering students studying maritime law a range of opportunities to engage with staff and the maritime profession. Possible activities include Seminar Series, Conferences, submitting articles for publication and a boat license course. 

Any student who has completed or enrolled in any of the maritime courses offered by MASLU staff may apply to join the Maritime Law Student Cohort.

Annual report

For more information about MASLU and our activities, download the Marine and Shipping Law Unit annual report.


For further information please contact MASLU Director, Professor Craig Forrest.