Ecosystem services, coastal wetlands and law – lessons from the United States and Australia

4 March 2020 5:00pm7:00pm
This event will feature insights from world-leading experts in the field and will provide information on the adaptions of ecosystem services into law and policy around the globe.
antique map

Self-determination and the Implications of the Chagos Advisory Opinion

6 August 2019 4:30pm
This MASLU/CPICL/ILA (QLD brand) presentation assesses the resonance of the sources used, and the more radical contentions advanced, during the Chagos Case – for the exercise of the right to self-determination in the colonial context and for international law more generally.

UQSIP MASLU Twilight Panel Session

27 June 2019 4:00pm6:00pm
In February this year, MV Solomon Trader ran aground on a reef in Lughu Bay, Solomon Islands, spilling over a hundred tonnes of oil into the waters off the coast of Rennell Island. The disaster raises numerous questions which will be explored by three expert panel members.
UQ researchers, government representatives and delegations from Pacific islands at Pacific Islands Regional Marine Spill Contingency Plan (PACPLAN) event.

Australia Pacific workshop on marine oil spills

11 July 2018 9:00am
University of Queensland researchers, government representatives and delegations from six Pacific island states have met to discuss the implementation of the Pacific Islands Regional Marine Spill Contingency Plan (PACPLAN).
map of the Timor Sea

Insight into Australia and Timor-Leste maritime border agreement

10 May 2018 12:00am
More than 50 legal practitioners and University of Queensland law students gathered at the Supreme Court of Queensland on Tuesday 1 May to discuss the historic maritime treaty between Australia and Timor-Leste.

Transboundary Marine Pollution Workshop

20 May 2015 3:00pm22 May 2015 6:00pm