We have 47 Higher Degree by Research students. They include full-time, part-time, local and remote, domestic and international candidates. 45 are working on PhDs and 2 on MPhil theses.

Current students, their projects and advisors


Name Project Supervisor
Laurensia Andrini Accommodating Computer-Generated Works into Indonesia Copyright Law: Challenges and Possibilities Dr Allison Fish
Dr Xan Chacko
Nicolas Augoustinos Principles of cultural heritage law and the international guardianship of the Greek Orthodox heritage

Professor Craig Forrest
Professor Lucas Lixinski

Anthony Austin Negotiating the Relationship between Contract Law and Kastom Law in the South Pacific Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin
Professor Rick Bigwood
Sruthi Balaji The Repatriation of Plant Products: What Should be Repatriated and How? Professor Brad Sherman
Dr Alison Fish
Rebecca Barber The Competence of the UN General Assembly to Better Respond to Conflict-Related Human Rights and Humanitarian Crises

Professor Anthony Cassimatis
Professor Alex Bellamy

Hayley Beevers Utilising Injury Scale Values to Achieve More Equitable and Principled Decision-Making in Access Requests to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Professor John Devereux
Dr Iain Field
Jocelyn Bosse The Role of the Law in the Circulation of the Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) Professor Brad Sherman
Dr Allison Fish
Dr Susannah Chapman
Yvonne Breitwieser-Faria The responsibility of states to prevent atrocity crimes Professor Anthony Cassimatis
Professor Alexander Bellamy
Dr Eve Massingham
Trudie Broderick A Place at the Table: Queer Indigenous Women in Australian Health Law and Policy Professor Heather Douglas
Dr Carmen Prater
Dr Nicole Watson
Tad Brown Intellectual property and Peanuts Professor Brad Sherman
Dr Xan Sarah Chacko
Phoebe Burgess Moving Forward with Fairness: Just Transition, Decarbonisation and Australian Industrial Relations Professor Graeme Orr
A/Prof Justine Bell-James
Theodore Butcher-Cornet The Potential of Treaty Making in Re-ordering Indigenous-State Relations: Towards Indigenous Emancipation from the Australian Colonial Order? Dr Dylan Lino
Professor Peter Billings
Adam Chernok Big Brother's New Toys: Regulation of contemporary covert and coercive policing methods in Australia Professor Simon Bronitt
Renato Saeger Magalhães Costa The Elements of Constitutionalism and the Pseudo-Constitution: Beyond the Ontological Classification of Constitutions Professor Nicholas Aroney
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh
Andrew Curtin Understanding Law as a Maclntyrean 'Practice' Professor Nick Aroney
Dr Rob Mullins
Lorraine Finlay The universal franchise: the protection of voting rights under the Australian Constitution Professor James Allan
Professor Nicholas Aroney
Mark Fowler Church and state relations and the tax exemption and charitable endorsement of religious institutions in Australia Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Gino Evan dal Pont
Laurel Fox Representative Democracy and Political Constitutionalism in Practice:  Opposition to Indigenous Representative Bodies in Australia

Professor Graeme Orr
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh
Dr Dylan Lino

Terefe Gebreyesus Constitutional Approach to Diversity: Comparative Analysis Professor Nicholas Aroney
Dr Caitlin Goss
Zoran Gelic The Source, Nature and Limits of a Duty to Act Reasonably in Australian Contract Law Professor Rick Bigwood
Dr Ryan Catterwell
Denis Gibson Rationality, Convention and Opinion: David Hume's Theory of Constitutional Evolution Professor James Allan
Dr Simon Kennedy
Rosemary Gibson

Express termination for breach clauses in commercial contracts: the legal nature and operational mechanics of such clauses under Australian law

Professor Rick Bigwood
Dr Ryan Catterwell

Helen Gregorczuk Fair collection of personal information by retailers using big data analytics Dr Alan Davidson
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh
William Isdale Native title compensation in Australia Adjunct Professor Jonathan Fulcher
Adjunct Professor the Hon. Justice Andrew Greenwood
Elizabeth Jameson The unitary implementation of corporate governance in Australia and its continuing relevance and fitness for purpose Professor David Morrison
Dr Vicki Comino
Craig Jensen International obligations and human rights in Australian Extradition Professor Anthony Cassimatis
Professor Ned Aughterson 
Sarah Kendall Non-Fatal Strangulation Victim-Witnesses, Brain Injury and PTSD: Perspectives from Prosecutors and Defence Counsel Dr Caitlin Goss
A/Prof Robin Fitzgerald
Professor Heather Douglas
Caroline Law-Walsh A model national legal framework for mangrove ecosystem services: a comparative analysis of existing legal recognition of ecosystem services for wetlands in the United States and Vietnam A/Prof Justine Bell-James
Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin
Constance Lee Calvinist natural law and constitutionalism Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Jonathan Crowe
Joanne Lee Natural Law and the Calvinist Usury Doctrine: From Forbidden Sin to Natural Property Right

Professor Nicholas Aroney
Dr Simon Kennedy

Hamish Macdonald Inventing DNA: Exploring the patent system's conceptualisation of novel genetic products Professor Brad Sherman
Professor Simon Bronitt
Salwa Marsh We the People? Exploring Electoral Exceptions from the Perspective of Theories of Constituent Power Professor Nick Aroney
Professor James Allan
Rachel McDonald A Critical Review and Analysis of the Human Right and Legal Entitlement of Australian Women to Breastfeed on their Return to Work: A Comparative Legal Study of Australia, United States and Ireland A/Prof Fran Bartlett
A/ Prof Paul Harpur
Unaisi Narawa-Daurewa Indigenous Identity in Fiji: Na Vanua, Na Lawa, Na Kawa Ni Bobula. Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin
Professor Reid Grant Mortensen
Thi Nong Sustainable protection of fish biodiversity in the Mekong River: the role of international environmental law, and lessons from Australia A/Prof Justine Bell-James
Associate Professor Peter Billings
Kencho Peldon Control of Cotton in Colonial India: Early Legal Regulation of Plant Intellectual Property

Professor Bradley Sherman
Dr Susannah Chapman

Anne Pickering A framework for property law reform and development within legal pluralism: Adopting an innovative approach Emeritus Professor Jennifer Corrin
Professor Richard Bigwood
Professor Daniel Joseph Fitzpatrick
Helen Punter Therapeutic policing: police as therapeutic agents Professor Simon Bronitt
Associate Professor Tamara Walsh
Jessica Ritchie The Use of DNA in Cross-Border Investigations: From Crisis to Confidence Professor Simon Bronitt
Dr Enshen Li
Liza Rolim-Baggio Policy and Regulatory Dimensions of Resilience-Based Management in the Great Barrier Reef Dr Pedro Fidelman
A/Prof Justine Bell-James
Luis Sanchez Fernandez The Legal Theory of Jeremy Waldron and the Limits of Legal Positivism Dr Robert Mullins
Professor James Allan
Chris Sauer Using marks and designations to build and sustain local food and agriculture Professor Brad Sherman
Dr Allison Fish
Professor Yasmina Sultanbawa
Anthony Shaw The Chrysanthemum Throne: The Influence of the Emperor and Nationalism on Gender Discrimination in Japanese Law A/Prof Ann Black
A/Prof David Chapman
Shaun Star Resolving Anti-Doping Disputes: Does the Current Framework Promote Procedural Fairness and Equality in India? A/Prof Sarah Jane Kelly
Prof Jack Anderson
John Story Which of the Duties of Directors are Fiduciary? Professor Christopher Barker
Professor James Edelman
Samuel Walpole The Corporate Criminal Liability of Shipowners and Operators in the Event of Maritime Casualty Professor Craig Forrest
Emeritus Professor Sarah Derrington
Renato Wolf Reviewing legal and policy compliance of autonomous weapons systems A/Prof Rain Liivoja
Dr Robert Mullins

Recently graduated HDR student projects


Project Title

Sarah Asokendaran Harmonisation of unconventional gas resources (UGR) regulatory frameworks in Australia: is there a will or a way?
Victoria Baumfield

Locating the Public in Australian Public Enterprise: Reinforcing the Public Objectives and Public Accountability of Australian Government-Owned Businesses

Md Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan

Promoting and Protecting the Right to Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh

Ana Borges Migration and domestic violence: Women's experiences of proving domestic violence as a requirement for permanent residency
Samuel Boyle Capacity and Treatment Refusal: How law does and should deal with the case of Anorexia Nervosa?

Mirza Buana

State Courts, Traditional Dispute Resolution and Indigenous Peoples in South Kalimantan: A  Socio-Legal Study

Imogen Colvin

The Charging Decision: Accountability, Transparency, and Control of the Decision to Prosecute

Mark Deng Constitutional Transformations: Failure and Opportunity in Post-Independence South Sudan. 
Andrew Fell Developing a Descriptive Approach to Legal Taxonomy

Sonia Patricia Esteves Pais da Fonseca

Challenging the Efficacy of No-Drop Prosecution Policies in Domestic Violence Cases: A Comparative Legal Analysis

David Galbraith

An Historico-Legal Study of the Defamation Act, 1958 (NSW)

Ryan Haddrick

The Queen's Ministers of State for the Commonwealth: The Relationship between the Prerogatives of the Crown and the Executive Power of the Commonwealth

David Jefferson

Experimenting with the Governance of Plants as Intellectual Property: Limitations of Lawmaking and the Ecuadorian Experience

Jennifer Jude Registration, recording and noting of native title in Australia

Henry Kha

The Reform of English Divorce Law: 1857-1937

Scott Kiel-Chisholm Civil Liability Challenges for the Law and Neural Interface Devices: Reconceptualising the Law
Katrina Kluss Towards the Ideal in a Non-Ideal World: the case for assigning juridical personhood to nonhuman animals in Australia
Joseph Lelliott Smuggling of unaccompanied minors

Paul Mae

Solomon Islands' Constitutional Dilemma: Local Participation, Customary Law and Traditional Institutions of Governance

Thi Kim Hue Mai

Securing Freedom of Information in Vietnamese Government and Law

Eve Massingham

The obligation to respect and to ensure respect in all circumstances pursuant to Common Article 1 of the Four Geneva Conventions of August 1949 and Additional Protocols I and III: an Australian weapons law perspective

Irna Nurhayati

The Implementation of the WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in Selected Southeast Asian Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis and Evaluation

Benjamin Saunders

A Government for a Sovereign People: The Expectations and Intentions of the Framers of the Australian Constitution regarding Responsible Government

Emily Steel

The right choice? An interpretive policy analysis of assistive technology in Australian disability services

Peta Stephenson

Measuring the Metes and Bounds of Commonwealth Executive Power: Nationhood and Section 61 of the Constitution

Brooke Thompson Navigating dual legal systems: Islamic inheritance law in Australia’s secular legal  framework
Karma Tshering Self-Represented Defendants in Criminal Trials: A Comparative Study between Australia and Bhutan

Ruth Walker

Child Death, Neglect & Criminal Responsibility: The (In)adequacy of the Law of Homicide in Australia in Cases of Child Fatality Resulting from Parental Neglect

Pan Mohamad Faiz Kusuma Wijaya

The Role of the Constitutional Court in Securing Constitutional Government in Indonesia

Garth Wooler

Lifting the Veil of Autonomy: Unconscionable Conduct as Grounds for Injunctive Relief in Australia and Singapore - A Study in the Context of Independent Trade Finance Instruments

Yan Xuan China's maritime arbitration system's 'Selective Adaption' to international legal norms and practice

Yu (Molly) Yao

Comparative analysis on legal conflicts from allocation of risks in the emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA) reforming mechanism conducive to coexistence of interests in the conflict of laws

Behnaz Zarrabi

The Law of Exorcism: A Comparative Study of Religiously Motivated Homicide

Hui Zhong

Return of Chinese Cultural Relics taken from the First Opium War to the end of the Japanese Occupation (1840-1945)