#TransformLaw KWM Prize

Your chance to win $10,000


Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you love AI and tech? Do you have an idea that could change the nature of legal practice?  

Could your idea be worth $10,000?

UQ Law School, in conjunction with King & Wood Mallesons, is calling on UQ undergraduate students from all disciplines to develop innovative proposals that use technology to address a problem in legal practice.

Registrations are closed for the 2020 competition.

About the competition

12 August 2020 - 7 October 2020

#TransformLaw KWM Prize is so much more than a competition, it’s a unique opportunity to get exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and gain skills that will serve you throughout your degree and career.

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Here's how it works:


1. Team up

Join a team of 2-4 University of Queensland undergraduate students, including at least one LLB student and one non-Law student. Don't worry if you don't have a team, as we can match you with other participants.

2. Learn to be an entrepreneur 

Participate in a series of hands-on workshops run by UQ Ventures and industry mentors to learn the tools and frameworks to think like an entrepreneur and develop your proposal. 


3. Pitch your idea

If your proposal is shortlisted in the top 5, you'll be invited to present to a panel of judges made up of academic and industry experts. If you win, your team will receive $10,000!

Program outline

Date and time Session What you'll be doing



Session 1 

Date night and User identification

Brainstorm to identify users whose lives could be improved by innovation in law and regulation. Plus you'll also take part in a bunch of activities to meet teammates.
Inspiration: the purpose of the first part of the program is to understand who is the user of their product/service, what design challenge they are facing and who the team members are, and what role each of them has.



Session 2


Learn the human-centred design (HCD) tools needed to effectively interview and obtain insight from users and key stakeholders. 
Ideation: the purpose of the second session is to brainstorm, choose and define the best solution for the challenge identified in phase one.



Session 3


Brainstorm potential solutions to address the identified challenge and narrow it down to the top 3.
Implementation and iteration: teams will explore the fit to market of their ideas, prototype their solutions and iterate the process to incorporate lessons into their solution. Teams will also provide an action plan for the team moving forward.



Session 4

Solution selection, fit to market analysis and business viability.

Use business model canvas and industry analysis canvas tools to understand the viability of the different solutions from a business and customer perspective.



Session 5

Rapid prototyping

Rapid-prototype the user experience journey (storyboard) for your solution and learn how to create an impactful presentation.



Session 6

Mentoring night and pitching practice

Pitching preparation! Put the final touches on your prototype and develop your pitch with the assistance of Ventures staff and real entrepreneurs to present on Demo Day.




Session 7 

Demo day

Present your solution (pitches and prototypes) to a panel of judges. The winning team takes home $10,000.


As part of the program, you will be mentored by a selection of high-calibre legal, tech and business experts, including:

Aimi Gordon and winning team

“The mentor nights gave us a lot of insight into what people were looking for, and how to frame our innovation in a way that actually addressed prevalent issues.”

Aimi Gordon 2019 KWM Prize Winner


Do I need knowledge of or experience with law?

Nope (unless you’re a law student, then we do expect you to know something about the law!).

Every team must have at least one UQ Law student, so they will have the ‘legal knowledge’ part covered, and then it’s just about bringing your creativity, problem-solving and practical skills to the table.

Depending on the problem your idea addresses, your team might also leverage computer science, logic, philosophy or entrepreneurship skills.

What problems need solving?

That’s up to you and your team, and there are mentors who will guide you. Need some inspiration? Read about the 2019 winning team’s AI-powered search engine or start thinking about some of the topics below.

  • Electronic signatures and cybersecurity
  • The role of blockchain in commercial transactions
  • The use of machine learning in pro bono work
  • The automation of legal reasoning
  • The use of technology to promote access to justice

Am I eligible?

Please review the detailed eligibility criteria.

How will the program be delivered?

Please note this program involves participation in seven sessions over an eight-week period. Delivery is TBA depending on COVID-19 restrictions.

Want to know more?

Get the lowdown on the competition in this interview with last year's winning team JustAI and mentor Ryan Catterwell. Watch now

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