HDR Students

Current Students

Name Project Supervisor
Sarah Asokendaran Commonwealth harmonisation of coal seam gas regulatory frameworks in Australia their want of states will Professor Jonathan Fulcher
Professor Jonathan Crowe
Nicolas Augoustinos Principles of cultural heritage law and the international guardianship of the Greek Orthodox heritage Professor Craig Forrest
Victoria Baumfield Restoring a public focus to government business enterprises (GBEs): Proposals to make GBEs more responsive to public concerns Professor Ross Grantham
Professor Graeme Orr
Andrew Bell Re-identifying data: an investigation into the feasibility, harm, benefits and legal impacts of re-identifying publicly available, anonymised data sets Dr Mark Burdon 
Simon Bonney The ethics of informer management Prof Simon Bronitt
Ana Borges Migration and domestic violence: Women's experiences of proving domestic violence as a requirement for permanent residency Professor Heather Douglas
A/Prof Elizabeth Mackinlay
Jocelyn Bosse Fragmentation of access and benefit sharing laws for biodiscovery in Australia: The case study of Kakadu Plum Professor Brad Sherman
Professor Simon Bronitt
Samuel Boyle Capacity and Treatment Refusal: How law does and should deal with the case of Anorexia Nervosa A/Prof Tamara Walsh
Tad Brown Intellectual property and livestock breeding Professor Brad Sherman
Adam Chernok Big Brother's New Toys: Regulation of contemporary covert and coercive policing methods in Australia Professor Simon Bronitt
Andrew Curtin Understanding Law as a Maclntyrean 'Practice' Professor Nick Aroney
Dr Rob Mullins
Mark Deng Democratising the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement: A Test of Vision and Political Will for the Government of South Sudan Ms Caitlin Goss
Professor Graeme Orr
Andrew Fell ‘Coherence’ in Australian Law: A Review of the High Court’s approach Professor Kit Barker
Henry Holderness Towards an efficient, equitable and sustainable insurance model for major natural disasters in New Zealand: a critical assessment of the application of the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 and the insurance scheme created by it ("the EQC scheme") following the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes Dr Justine Bell-James
Elizabeth Jameson The unitary implementation of corporate governance in Australia an dits continuing relevance and fitness for purpose Professor David Morrison
Dr Vicki Comino
Katrina Kluss

Towards the Ideal in a Non-Ideal World: the case for assigning juridical personhood to nonhuman animals in Australia

Dr Justine Bell-James
Professor Jonathan Crowe
Professor Clive Phillips

Lorraine Finlay The universal franchise: the protection of voting rights under the Australian Constitution Professor James Allan
Professor Nicholas Aroney
Mark Fowler Church and state relations and the tax exemption and charitable endorsement of religious institutions in Australia Professor Nicholas Aroney 
David Galbraith An Historico-Legal Study of the Defamation Act, 1958 (NSW) Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Warren Swain 
Xavier Goffinet Indonesia's criminal justice response to the smuggling of migrants Professor Andreas Schloenhardt
Dr Clare Cappa 
Helen Gregorczuk Toward a new framework for fair collection of personal information by retailers in the age of big data and analytics? Dr Mark Burdon
Ryan Haddrick The Queen's Ministers of State for the Commonwealth: The Relationship between the Prerogatives of the Crown and the Executive Power of the Commonwealth Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Anthony Cassimatis 
David Jefferson Buen Vivir: Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and the Re-imagination of Intellectual Property in Ecuador Professor Brad Sherman
Craig Jensen The Quality of Justice in Australian Extradition Professor Anthony Cassimatis 
Jennifer Jude Registration, recording and noting of native title in Australia A/Prof Margaret Stephenson
Dr Sean Sexton
Scott Kiel-Chisholm Civil Liability Challenges for the Law and Neural Interface Devices: Reconceptualising the Law Dr Alan Davidson
Professor John Devereux
Constance Lee Constitutionalism and Conceptions of Human Depravity: A Return to Reformed Natural Law Foundations Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Jonathan Crowe
Joseph Lelliott Smuggling of unaccompanied minors Professor Andreas Schloenhardt
Associate Professor Peter Billings
Hamish Macdonald Inventing DNA: Exploring the patent system's conceptualisation of novel genetic products Professor Brad Sherman
Professor Simon Bronitt
Rachel McDonald (nee Phelan) A critical review and analysis of the human right and legal entitlement of Australian women to breastfeed on their return to work. A comparative legal study of Australia, United States and Ireland Dr Francesca Bartlett
Dr Paul Harpur 
Ashwin Nair Maritime Liens in 21st century Australia: transferability and conflict Professor Craig Forrest 
Thi Nong Sustainable protection of fish biodiversity in the Mekong River: the role of international environmental law, and lessons from Australia Dr. Justine Bell-James
Associate Professor Peter Billings
Anne Pickering A framework for property law reform and development within legal pluralism: Adopting an innovative approach Professor Jennifer Corrin
Helen Punter Therapeutic policing: police as therapeutic agents Professor Simon Bronitt
A/Prof Tamara Walsh
Jessica Ritchie The use of DNA evidence in cross-border investigations: From crisis to confidence Professor Simon Bronitt
Dr Mark Burdon 
Kellie Robson Rights and Risk: A risk theory analysis of judicial review of indefinite immigration detention Professor Simon Bronitt
Peta Stephenson Measuring the metes and bounds of Commonwealth Executive Power: Towards an explanation of s 61 of the Constitution Professor Nicholas Aroney
Professor Jonathan Crowe
Brooke Thompson The feasibility of legal pluralism in Australia's secular framework- would the introduction of Sharia Inheritance laws be a viable exception? Associate Professor Ann Black
Associate Professor David Morrison
Karma Tshering Dealing with the unrepresented defendants in criminal matters - A comparative study between Australia and Bhutan Professor Heather Douglas
Dr Francesca Bartlett
Yan Xuan China's maritime arbitration system's 'Selective Adaption' to international legal norms and practice Professor Sarah Derrington
Associate Professor Qiao Liu
Yu (Molly) Yao Comparative analysis on legal conflicts from allocation of risks in the emission reduction purchase agreement (ERPA) reforming mechanism conductive to coexistence of interests in the conflict of laws A/Prof Qiao Liu
Professor Rick Bigwood 
Behnaz Zarrabi

The Law of Exorcism: A Comparative Study of Religiously Motivated Homicide

Professor Simon Bronitt
Dr Saskia Hufnagel 
Charlotte Zhang Female Intimate Partner Homicide in Distinct Chinese Cultural: Study of the Role of Motive in Case with Domestic Violence History Dr Enshen Li
Professor Heather Douglas

Recently graduated HDR student projects

Susan Anderson Terrorism, the use of force and the right to self-defence under international law
Jahid Bhuiyan Promoting and Protecting the Right to Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh
Mirza Buana State Courts and Traditional Dispute Resolution (TDR) in South Kalimantan: A Comparative Socio-Legal Study
Victoria Colvin When is a charging decision "final"? Review and reversal of decisions not to prosecute in Australia, Canada and England and Wales
Twana Hassan A Jurisprudential Analysis of Freedom of Expression
Danielle Ireland-Piper Why Our Court? Why Not Theirs? A Comparative analysis of Extraterritoriality in the 21st Century: A New Frontier in International Cooperation of the Demise of Meaningful Multilateralism
Henry Kha Divorce law in Victorian England
Rachel Lee The role of voluntary administration from the viewpoint of liberty and the assessment of its efficiency from the viewpoints of deductivist and inductivist economic methodologies
Yiping Lu The transformation of the Chinese judiciary from the traditional to the modern, a study in judicial reform in revolutionary conditions
Paul Mae Solomon Islands Constitutional Dilemma: Local Participation, Customary Law and traditional Institutions of Governance
Hue Mai Securing Freedom of Information in Vietnamese Government and Law
Eve Massingham The obligation to respect and to ensure respect in all circumstances pursuant to Common Article 1 of the Four Geneva Conventions of August 1949 and Additional Protocols I and III: an Australian weapons law perspective
Irna Nurhayati The IMplementation of the WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures in Selected Southeast Asian Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis and Evaluation
Patricia Pais Domestic violence case processing: The efficacy of no drop prosecution rules: A comparative analysis
Benjamin Saunders A Government for a Sovereign People: The Expectations of Intentions of the Framers of the Australian Constitution regarding Responsible Government
Emily Steel Is the construction of assistive technology and choice in Australian policy compliant with contemporary disability rights?
Ruth Walker A Grimm Reality: The horrors of child homicide - prevalence, perlustration and prevention
Faiz Wijaya The Role of the Constitutional Court in Securing Constitutional Government in Indonesia
Garth Wooler Unconscionable Conduct and The Autonomy Principle: A Determination of Conditions Under Which Unconscionable Conduct Abrogates Independence in Documentary Credit Transactions
Sarah Zhong Restitution of Chinese cultural relics plundered from Opium War to the End of Japanese invasion