The Australian Law Students Association (ALSA) Conference is an annual event where law students across Australia come together to compete, participate in forums and workshops and meet their fellow students through a number of organised social events. 

This year's competition will be held on 10-15 July 2020 in Perth.

Students may apply to one or more of the following ALSA Competitions:

International Humanitarian Law Moot: This moot focuses on international public and humanitarian law, often involving issues of international peace and armed conflict, war crimes, and international humanitarian crime. The moot is sponsored by the Australian Red Cross. A team of two students will be selected for this competition.

Paper Presentation: This competition involves writing and presenting a paper on a legal topic of your choice. The winner of the Paper Presentation Final will also have their paper published in ALSA’s academic journal. One student will be selected to compete in this competition.

Client Interviewing: This competition involves speaking with a client to ascertain all the relevant facts, applying the law and then explaining this to the client in appropriate legal advice. A team of two students will be selected for this competition.

Negotiation: This competition involves teams of two students attending a negotiation on behalf of their client. Each team is provided with a set of relevant facts, some facts being known to both teams and some facts being confidential. The aim is to negotiate the best result for the client that your team represents. A team of two students will be selected for this competition.

Witness Examination: Witness examination involves the examination of a witness in a civil or criminal trial. This competition is fantastic for developing quick-thinking, communication and advocacy skills. One student will be selected to compete as the barrister in this competition.

Student Judge: One student judge will be selected to attend the Conference and judge a competition during the conference. This is an invaluable experience for students with previous experience in the competition or with judging experience and provides an opportunity to network and contribute to the facilitation of the ALSA conference.

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