• LAWS7977 Advanced Administrative Law

    Administrative law is central to the functioning of Australian governments.

  • LAWS7855 Law, Technology and Global Business

    Law, Technology and Global Business deals with Australian and international approaches to regulating commerce in cyberspace and the Internet, and with electronic contracts issues.

  • LAWS7998 Tribunals – Procedure and Practice

    The creation and proliferation of administrative tribunals – bodies that adjudicate a wide range of disputes between community members and the state – is a significant feature of the past fifty years in Australia and beyond.

  • LAWS7884 Civil Litigation

    How rules and procedures are practically applied by the courts and how they may be most effectively used by practitioners to obtain a just, efficient and cost-effective result for their clients are the subjects of this course.

  • LAWS7805 Natural Resources Law

    This course undertakes a detailed examination of relevant legislation and practice with respect to mining and natural resources law in Australia and internationally. The course seeks to develop students' ability to solve complex legal problems relevant to the resources industry.

  • LAWS7853 Law of the World Trade Organization

    This course will introduce the international legal rules, principles and institutions of the World Trade Organization.

  • LAWS7814 International & Comparative Copyright Law

    Unprecedented technological change, rapid growth in the value of traded - and pirated - copyright goods, the role of bilateral and multilateral treaties in attempting to harmonise domestic copyright regimes in an increasingly globalised world, persistent cultural pressures to liberalise access to

  • LAWS7930 Special Topic E – Cross-Border Mediation Law and Practice

    Cross-border Mediation Law and Practice deals with the rapidly growing area of private international mediation. Imagine the following scenario: An Australian mediator is asked to mediate a professional negligence dispute.

  • LAWS7025 Private Law

    This course is designed to strengthen your understanding of the foundations, organisation and purposes of the private law; as well to provide a more detailed analysis of the areas of tort law, contract law, commercial and consumer law and intellectual property law.

  • LAWS7841 Theories in Dispute Resolution

    This course provides an introduction to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and an overview of ADR processes including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, case appraisal and arbitration.


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