• LAWS7855 Law, Technology and Global Business

    Law, Technology and Global Business deals with Australian and international approaches to regulating commerce in cyberspace and the Internet, and with electronic contracts issues.

  • LAWS7853 Law of the World Trade Organization

    This course will introduce the international legal rules, principles and institutions of the World Trade Organization.

  • LAWS7704 Estate Litigation

    This course is an advanced level examination of the regulation and practice of litigating disputes over estates in Australia, including family provision claims, disputes about testamentary capacity, suspicious circumstances, and the use of mediation in the context of estate litigation.

  • LAWS7951 Marine Insurance Law

    This course examines the law and practice of the modern marine insurance market within the context of international shipping and trade. It covers the legal principles relating to marine insurance, the market, and the special rules which distinguish this type of insurance from others.

  • LAWS7876 International Maritime Trade Law

    The vast majority of worldwide imports and exports are carried by sea, whether in bulk form, for example, oil, grain and coal, or as containerised cargo.

  • LAWS7865 International Admiralty and Maritime Law

    The international shipping industry is the life blood of the global economy responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.

  • LAWS7851 Mediation and Conflict Management

    The course will seek to develop practical mediation, dispute resolution and conflict management skills. It will provide an analysis of the framework, principles and values of mediation and other associated methods of dispute resolution.

  • LAWS7868 International Commercial Arbitration Law

    This course deals in depth with the process of international commercial arbitration, which is one of the major growth areas of legal practice and the most widely used dispute resolution method in international business.

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