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The University of Queensland Law Journal

The University of Queensland Law Journal is one of Australia’s premier law periodicals. Established in 1948, it is arguably the oldest university law journal in Australia.

The Journal's Editorial Committee comprises of an international panel of academics to ensure the Journal's high quality is maintained. Editorial control rests with an academic editor of the TC Beirne School of Law at The University of Queensland.

The Journal is published twice a year, with a general edition appearing in July and a thematic edition in December.

The Journal publishes articles on all areas of law, in addition to casenotes, book reviews and legal comments. The Journal has also, on occasion, produced symposium editions dedicated to a particular aspect of law. Past symposium editions of the Journal have focused on the Mabo decision and the republican movement of the late 20th Century.

Current Edition

General Edition


R Flannigan: Presumed Undue Influence: The False Partition From Fiduciary Accountability

R Ekins: Human Rights and the Separation of Powers

E Descheemaeker: ‘A Man must take care not to defame his neighbour’: The Origins and Significance of the defence of responsible publication

G Taylor: Conceived in Sin, Shaped in Iniquity - The Kable Principle as Breach of the Rule of Law

R Mullins: Police Misconduct in Queensland: A Public Wrong

D Thampapillai: Practical Benefits and Promises to Pay Lesser Sums: Reconsidering the Relationship Between the Rule in Foakes v Beer and the Rule in Williams v Roffey

M Watson: Private Conscience and the Public Purse: A Comparison and Explanation of the Law Relating to State Funding of Religious Schools in Canada and the United States

M Voyce: Family Farming and Property Settlements Under the Family Law Act 1975 and the Category of ‘Special Contributions’

B Walker-Munro: Cattle v the Crown: Is there a Place for the Commonwealth as Animal Welfare Guardian?



S Anderson: The Law of Contract 1670-1870


The next edition is Volume 35, Number 1, 2016 which will be published July 2016.

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The Journal welcomes submissions on all areas of law from academics, legal practitioners and law students.

The Journal aims to publish significant works of scholarship that make an original contribution to different fields of law, including all areas of domestic, international and comparative law, as well as jurisprudence, legal history and the intersection of law with other disciplines.

The Journal is controlled by an Editorial Board. Every article, comment, casenote and book review submitted for publication is subjected to a formal process of double-blind peer review.

Submission requirements

A manuscript should not exceed 10,000 words and should be an unpublished work which is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. The manuscript should be typed, doublespaced and on one side only of A4 sized paper. Contributors are also requested to supply a copy of their manuscript in Microsoft Word format. Style and referencing of submissions should conform to the house style outlined in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. An abstract of not more than 120 words should be included on a separate page.

Copyright of articles published in the University of Queensland Law Journal is vested jointly in the UQLJ and the contributor. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), no part may be reproduced without written permission.

Submission deadline

The Journal is published in July and December each year. Submission deadlines are 30 April and 30 August respectively.

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Contact Us

All enquiries regarding submissions to the Journal and membership of the Editorial Committee should be directed to the Editors. Submissions for the general edition of the Journal should be made no later than 30 April, and submissions for the thematic edition should be made no later than 30 August in each year. Submissions should be sent by ordinary mail to:

Professor James Allan
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