• MJP [2020] QCAT 253

    The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal reviewed guardianship appointments for MJP, a young man who is unable to communicate decisions about his life.
  • DLD [2020] QCAT 237

    The Tribunal considered the appointment of a suitable guardian and administrator for a woman experiencing impaired decision making as a result of  dementia.
  • GCS [2020] QCAT 206

    The Tribunal considered whether there was a need to appoint a guardian and administrator for GCS, an 89 year-old woman with impaired capacity. The Tribunal had regard to the interpretation provisions of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) (s 48), GCS’s property rights (s 24), freedom of movement (s 19), and right to privacy (s 45) when making its decision to appoint the Public Guardian to manage GCS’s affairs.

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