Most of the work of the Law and the Future of War research group is published in the form of journal articles and book chapters. These are accompanied by policy briefs that provide an executive summary of the papers. The preprint versions of a number of the full papers are available below.


Rain Liivoja

Being More than You Can Be: Enhancement of Warfighters and the Law of Armed Conflict
Paper DOI: 10.31228/

April 2020


Tim McFarland The Concept of Autonomy
Paper DOI: 10.31228/
July 2020


Simon McKenzie When is a Ship a Ship? Use by State Armed Forces of Un-crewed Maritime Vehicles and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Paper DOI: 10.31228/
August 2020
4 Rain Liivoja Protecting Warfighters from Superfluous Injury and Unnecessary Suffering 
Paper DOI: 10.31228/
November 2020