About the Press Freedom Project


This project is part of a collaborative study between the UQ School of Law and School of Communication and Arts, combining legal analysis with on-the-ground research. It aims to understand, map and assess the impact of law – particularly in national security and law enforcement – on the proper functioning of a free and effective press in Australia and elsewhere. Lessons drawn from this research support recommendations for reform to protect both national security and press freedom.


Research topics include:

  • The chilling effect of national security law on journalism
  • Data surveillance
  • Source protection
  • Whistleblowing to the media
  • Espionage law
  • The role of legal advisors
  • Legal challenges to the June 2019 AFP raids
  • Who is a ‘journalist’?
  • Secret evidence in court proceedings


2019 - 2021 'Journalistic Freedom in Australia', donation from the Estate of Douglas and Elizabeth Slatter

2019 'Legal Advisors and the Impact of National Security Law on Press Freedom'. UQ Business, Economics and Law Connect project funding, 



Research assistants