UQ Trafficking in Persons Working Group
Trafficking news

The Working Group catalogues Australian news relating to trafficking in persons. We also provide commentary on the media's position on trafficking in persons. 

Australian trafficking news

Trafficking–related articles published from 1 January 2008 onwards in the Australian media (or about Australia in the foreign media) are made available on this site. Their content is reproduced in full, and all copyright rests with their original authors/publishers. This site is designed to provide a comprehensive and faithful record of contemporary issues in trafficking in persons in Australia and the manner in which they were reported.

Trafficking and the media

The media has the capacity to shape public opinion and influence the political agenda in relation to trafficking in persons.  As the primary source of information for many in society, media outlets have a responsibility to report on trafficking in a manner that is informed, factually accurate and thought provoking. This site also contains an analysis of the media’s reporting to assess whether these principles and objectives are being adhered to.