LLB Welcome for First Year Law Students O-Week 2018

LLB Welcome for First Year Law Students

12 February 2018 9:00am11:00am
Compulsory for all first year law students. 
International Postgraduate Coursework Academic Advising Session

International Postgraduate Coursework Academic Advising Session

12 February 2018 1:00pm2:30pm
Compulsory for all international students enrolling in postgraduate coursework law programs.
First Year Court Visit O-Week

Undergraduate Supreme Court Visit for First Year Law Students

13 February 2018 8:00am5:00pm
Compulsory for all first year law students.
Postgraduate Welcome

Postgraduate Welcome Reception 2018

14 February 2018 5:30pm7:30pm
Join fellow postgraduate students and law school staff for this informal welcome reception.
Professor Simone Degeling

Distributing Class Action Settlements: Unjust Enrichment?

9 March 2018 12:00pm1:00pm
Presenter: Professor Simone Degeling, Faculty of Law, UNSW
QLS Legal Careers Expo 18

QLS Legal Careers Expo 18

20 March 2018 12:00pm4:00pm
Speak one-on-one with some of Queensland’s top law firms, chat to industry representatives, and find out about graduate placements and vacation clerkships.
Cartels, Optimal Enforcement and Theories  in Competition Law

Cartels, Optimal Enforcement and Theories in Competition Law

27 March 2018 9:00am10:00pm
This event commemorates the research conducted by Laura Guttuso a former, outstanding TC Beirne School of Law PhD candidate, who died suddenly before completing her PhD thesis.
Lord Atkin lecture

Lord Atkin lecture and official exhibition opening of Lord Atkin: from Queensland to House of Lords

28 November 2017 5:15pm8:00pm
Join us on Tuesday 28 November for the Selden Society inaugural Lord Atkin lecture and the launch of the Supreme Court Library Queensland’s new exhibition, Lord Atkin: from Queensland to the House of Lords.
Trouble Before Troublesome

Trouble Before Troublesome

20 November 2017 6:00pm7:30pm
Justice with compassion for our young people
The Use of DNA Evidence in Cross-Border Investigations: From Crisis To Confidence

The Use of DNA Evidence in Cross-Border Investigations: From Crisis To Confidence

17 November 2017 1:00pm2:00pm
Jessica Ritchie, Mid-Candidature Review
Research Seminar Series

Perspectives on Legal Research: The Case of 'Preventive Justice'

3 November 2017 3:00pm4:00pm
Presenter: Professor Andrew Ashworth
HDR Research Colloquium

HDR Research Colloquium

27 October 2017 9:00am7:00pm
Professor Sarah Derrington

Trends in legal education

26 October 2017 5:45pm7:00pm
Presenter: Professor Sarah Derrington

We need to talk about ... Euthanasia

25 October 2017 12:30pm1:30pm
Presenter: Professor Simon Bronitt

Aligning Transnational Public Policy with State Sovereignty

20 October 2017 3:00pm4:00pm
Presenter: Professor Leon Trakman
Dr Robert Mullins

Privileges and Justifications: A Discussion Paper

19 October 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Presenter: Dr Robert Mullins, TC Beirne School of Law
The Rohingya Crisis

FlashPoint - The Rohingya Crisis and the Politics of International Law

18 October 2017 5:30pm7:00pm
The recent escalation in violence in Myanmar’s Rahkhine state has starkly highlighted the continuing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar’s northwest region and the unresolved communal conflict between Arakanese Buddhists and Muslim Rohingyas.

Who Can Be an MP? The Constitution, the High Court and the Disqualification Farce

16 October 2017 6:00pm8:00pm
Should electors be able to elect any fellow elector? Or should there be constitutional barriers to potential MPs? Are such barriers workable, and what are their impacts on minor party candidates especially?
Forgan Smith

2017 Law Reunion

15 October 2017 4:00pm6:00pm
The 2017 Law Reunion Reception being held on Sunday 15th October 2017 in a Pavilion in the Great Court at The University of Queensland.
Selden Society Lectures

Notable trials - the trials of Oscar Wilde, presented by the Hon Alan Wilson QC

13 October 2017 5:15pm6:30pm
The fascinating story of one of the most popular playwrights of the Victorian era, Oscar Wilde, and the trials that put his private life under intense public scrutiny will be explored by the Hon Alan Wilson QC in this captivating lecture.
Forgan Smith

Forgan Smith Open House

8 October 2017 10:00am3:00pm
Public guided tours are being held of the Forgan Smith building, Sunday 9 October 2017. 
Unlawful Non-Citizens

Unlawful Non-Citizens: The Rise in Character Visa Cancellations

5 October 2017 5:30pm6:30pm
Recent changes to the Migration Act have resulted in a spike in the number of visa cancellations on the basis of adverse character and credibility grounds.
Dean Strang

Making a Murderer Dean Strang Panel Q&A Seminar

4 October 2017 1:30pm2:30pm
Current law students are invited to join Dean Strang in a Q&A Panel Session. 
CRISPR Gene Editing Technologies

CRISPR Gene Editing Technologies: The legal, ethical, and social implications Colloquium

18 September 2017 5:00pm7:00pm
Professor Jimmy Botella, School of Agriculture, the University of Queensland, Assistant Professor Ben Hurlbut, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, and Associate Professor Ainsley Newson, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney
Organised Crime and Corruption Forum

Organised Crime and Corruption Forum

18 September 2017 2:00pm21 September 2017 5:00pm
This four day event comprising public lectures, panel discussions and roundtable workshops explores a range of challenging issues concerning organised crime and corruption. It brings together experts from government, international organisations, industry, the judiciary, legal profession, and academia to share experience, exchange ideas and develop practical outcomes for policy development, law reform, and further research.
Forensic evidence

Evidence-based evidence: Measuring competence in forensic science

15 September 2017 12:00pm1:00pm
Associate Professor Jason Tangen, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland
Civil Liability

Apportioning Civil Liability

15 September 2017 9:00am5:15pm
Round-table symposium on how private law systems address the apportionment of civil liabilities between multiple parties responsible for the same harm.