UQ Trafficking in Persons Working Group
Current projects

Read descriptions of current projects by research students. If you are interested in undertaking a research project on a topic pertaining to trafficking in persons, please contact us.

Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

Mollie O’Conner

This research project outlines and critically examines the development, scope, and application of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, which entered into force on 1 February 2008.

Protection of victims of trafficking under United Nations, European Union, and Council of Europe instruments: a comparison

Eunice Tay

This project examines the protection provisions under the UN Trafficking in Persons Protocol and compares them to protection provisions under relevant Council of Europe Conventions and European Union documents.

Criminalising trafficking in persons in Australian federal law

Ruby McInnes

This project critically examines the offences relating to slavery, servitude, and trafficking in persons under Divisions 270 and 271 of the Criminal Code (Cth). This involves an analysis of the evolution and background of these offences, their elements, application, and interpretation by the courts.

Trafficking in Persons Prevention in Vietnam

Janet E Collier

This project examines anti-trafficking prevention in Vietnam. It examines the state and non-state institutions and organisations responsible for anti-trafficking prevention and the ability of agents within these structures to negotiate change over time. It considers how the existing structures can provide a more holistic preventative response that addresses vulnerability to trafficking in persons and how this response is incorporated into the broader development agenda.

Indonesia’s anti-trafficking measures

Faisal Nurdin Idris

This project examines the politics of anti-trafficking in Indonesia. It examines the evolution of the state’s response to trafficking and the role of anti-trafficking advocacy networks in the national counter-trafficking field. The project investigates policy environments in which state organisations and key institutional actors have affected the capacity of collective action in anti-trafficking activism in Indonesia.

Protection of victims of trafficking participating in criminal justice proceedings

Hannah Anderson

Victims of trafficking in persons are often reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and testify against their traffickers for fear that they may be harmed, repatriated to their country of origin, that they have to re-live their trafficking experience, or that the court may not believe them. This project examines the laws and other measures under Australian law to alleviate these fears and protect victims of trafficking in persons participating in criminal justice proceedings.

Trafficking in persons policy Australia

Cecelia Redfern

In 2014/15 the Australian Government launched a new policy document outlining the country’s approach to prevent and suppress trafficking in persons. This project outlines the new policies, their evolution, and their likely impact.

Prosecutions of child sex tourism in Australia 2010-2015

Aron Cheung

In 2010, new offences against child sex tourism were added to the Criminal Code (Cth). This project examines the prosecutions under these offences and their application and interpretation by the courts.

Surrogacy – trafficking in persons

Grace Burgess-Limerick

Recent reports about Australian parents commissioning surrogate babies in countries such as India and Thailand have likened commercial surrogacy to trafficking in persons and ‘modern day slavery’. This project outlines the documented cases and examines whether commercial surrogacy involving exploitative or deceptive practices fit within the existing international and Australian definitions (and laws) relating to trafficking in persons.