UQ Solomon Islands Partnership

The UQ Solomon Islands Partnership (known as the UQ Solomon Islands Partnership for Peace and Development until February 2009) was established in 2004.

The relationship between The University of Queensland and the Solomon Islands goes back several decades into early links in mining exploration, agriculture and education, and was revived in 2003 when a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Solomon Islands Government and the University. This MOU was renewed on two occasions. When it expired in 2014 it was replaced by one between The University of Queensland and the new Solomon Islands National University, which was signed by UQ Vice President and Deputy Vice Chancellor (International) Professor Monique Skidmore and Solomon Islands National University Vice Chancellor Dr Glynn Galo on 30 April 2014. Dr Patricia Rodie, SINU Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) was also present, along with UQ Professors Jennifer Corrin and Clive Moore. This new MOU is valid for five years.

The following key principles encapsulate the mission of the Partnership:

  • Articulation of students between the two universities;
  • Visits between universities by academic staff;
  • Visits between universities of technical and administrative staff;
  • Sharing of academic materials;
  • Collaborative research and publication;
  • Joint organisation of conferences, seminars or other academic meetings;
  • Joint organisation of special technical administrative programs;
  • Joint production and delivery of courses and programs.

Professor Clive Moore and Professor Jennifer Corrin

Joint Conveners, UQ Solomon Islands Partnership, July 2015

Recent publications and presentations


In February 2019, MV Solomon Trader ran aground on a reef in Lughu Bay, Solomon Islands, spilling over a hundred tonnes of oil into the waters off the coast of Rennell Island.  The disaster raises numerous questions which were explored in a seminar panel session on 27 June 2019.


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UQSIP Meeting to Discuss White Paper and Solomon Islands Related Research at UQ

White Paper UQ SIRP - 4 August 2014

Partnership Publications

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